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Frequently asked questions 

Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Q: Can I make a GIF of a FreshCrewStudios film clip I am in?

A: Yes. All we ask is a credit be given back to FreshCrewStudios in either a Hashtag i.e. #FreshCrewStudios, or a link back to the original content. Both would be awesome.

Q: Can I Purchase Images I have seen on the site?

A: Some images are available to be purchased, others are not available due to agreements or other restrictions. If you see an image you like, and would like to purchase, please use our contact form to get in touch 

Q: I would love FreshPass for a Business event, is this possible?

A: FreshPass is designed for any event where real-time imaging and social engagement is desired. We have even been asked for FreshPass to be used at a wedding to engage with family and friends who are unable to attend. 

Q: Can I book a Band Music Video to be filmed overseas?

A: The short answer is - yes!  However, we do need to check schedules and other production commitments.  Feel free to connect with us to discuss further. Let's get creative together. 


Q: I am a creator can i share my content through freshcrewstudios?

A: Yes, this is possible.  As a young studio we appreciate the struggles of new creators. If you have something you would like us to consider, please get in touch. We do have very specific criteria to ensure the content is appropriate, and there are terms and conditions associated with this. However, there are currently no charges to share content or be featured via FreshCrewStudios.


Q would you consider editing projects?

A: Yes, subject to further discussion. We have been asked this on a number of occasions. We can even edit wedding footage, and special events. Please Click Here for commercial editing projects, and for personal or wedding footage to be edited please Click Here.


Q Can you scan and colour code 35mm or medium format film?

A: Yes, subject to further discussion. We are able to scan both 35MM and Medium Format film to digital formats to a high standard, and offer editing and colouring too.  Please Click Here to discover more.

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Q Do you work with aspiring actors or models?

A: Yes, we encourage new talent. We are all about equality and equal opportunity.  However, you will need to fit the project requirements to be selected.  Check our Talent page for current requirements, or complete the form to subscribe to our Talent newsletter. This page is updated with current project requirements, and when specific talent is required. 


Q Can I be considered for Projects as Crew? 

A: Yes. We are currently creating a Crew area where you will be able to subscribe to our Crew newsletter. We will update this area when projects require Crew. We often need people to support us, such as filming behind the scenes, location scouts, AD's etc. Each project will carry it's own requirements, which we will detail in the newsletter we send out or on the dedicated page from time-to-time.


Q:  Where do I find the terms and conditions for filming, photographic project or other services?

A: These are covered when we engage with a client and create a Statement of Work ('SoW').  Each SoW details the requirements of the project, and what is in, or out, of scope.  Attached to the SoW are terms and conditions related specifically to the work stream and all associated fees.