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Welcome to FreshCrewStudios. We are glad you found us. 

FreshCrewStudios is an independent studio created by experienced film-makers with a passion for filmmaking, story telling, and photography.

If you have a project, let's connect and discuss your requirements. Together we can create something exciting and magical. Don't hesitate, by connecting we can explore your filming, editing, photography or unique project in more depth.

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Retro Fashion Portraits - Now Live in the Gallery

At FreshCrewStudios we are pleased to be able to showcase our Founder and CEO - Spencer J. Sinclair's 'Retro Fashion Portraits' project, created as part of his final 'A' Level photography exam. 

The project consists of six different collections, each shot with separate models, unique locations, and with fashion ranging from the 1950's through to the early 2000's. 

For a long time the images have had to be kept under wraps. A selection from the project were showcased to the public in early July at a premier event.

The project was crafted over time, with the help of some amazing models and location managers. We hope you enjoy the imagery and the aesthetic captured by Spencer.