Fareham, Hampshire, UK


Located in the South Coast of England, FreshCrewStudios provides a range of unique 'signature' services for your film and photography needs.  FreshCrewStudios has covered a diverse range of projects from producing Cosplay Music Videos (CMVs), Short Films, Commercial Videos, and Photo shoots.  We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have of the industry, and the quality, level of service provided, and the strong relationships we build with our clients.   



Ray and his team in the Southampton shops have a wealth of experience and knowledge.  They are proudly sponsoring Spencer J. Sinclair. 



FreshCrewStudios was founded in the Spring of 2014 by Spencer J. Sinclair after deciding a career as an architect was not for him.  He discussed his ideas with Stephen B. Sinclair and together they entered a 48 hour film race, which was the start of our journey and the beginning of the Fresh Crew Studios story you are reading, which continues to unfold.


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Police Car Hire UK - Mark and his team have worked with us on numerous projects. They are well versed with the craft of filmmaking, are extremely professional, and well thought of within the film industry.

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