Short Films and Comic Conventions

Filming at a Comic Con. So, you are thinking about filming a narrative short film on location at a comic con. You plan on using cosplayers and cosplay costumes for an epic story you have. What should you consider, and what could possibly go wrong?

Fresh Crew Studios have some advice and a lot of points you should consider from our previous experiences of filming on location at MCM Comic Con. The list of points to consider may help you in your decision process or at the very least provide some best practice ideas you may not have thought about.

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Filmmaking and Continuity

The best and some of the greatest blockbuster movies of our time have continuity errors! Some required audiences with eagle eyes to spot the mistakes, and some are far more obvious. When filming over a period of days, weeks or even longer periods continuity becomes a very difficult task to manage for any production, and an essential part of the filmmaking process.

Who is responsible for continuity? The script supervisor, also known as or called the continuity supervisor is a key member of a film crew who oversees continuity. This includes set dressing, wardrobe, props…

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