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follow your dreams

Signature short films that weave intrigue and engage with the audience. Story telling is the art of engaging with the audience to generate emotions, which sometimes makes us laugh, sometimes makes us cry, sometimes makes us think, but should always entertain us.


short film by FreshCrewStudios

The Bench



A love story that takes a bench, and a magical gift, to bring peace and happiness to trapped souls. Spencer J. Sinclair  created this short film as treatment with a potential for a full feature in mind. 



  • Charlotte Falconer
  • Sam Smith
  • Tom Alderson

Spoof film by freshcrewstudios

Dude where's my christmas?

Screenshot 2017-10-25 17.06.45.png


This fun spoof sees Slappy visiting Spencer J. Sinclair, who wrote, directed and acted in this short film, magically arriving late one evening with the intent of staying for Christmas. 



  • Spencer J. Sinclair - Himself
  • Stephen B. Sinclair - Voice of Slappy

parody film by freshcrewstudios

Guardians of the cosplay



Filmed entirely at MCM London Comic Con in May 2015, Guardians of the Cosplay is FreshCrewStudios largest parody film to date featuring more than 30 cosplayers. Guardians of the Cosplay is a homage to Guardians of the Galaxy with the character of Star-Lord played by Chris Pratt being replaced with Cos-Lord, cosplayed by Danny Sharples - the best Cosplayer in the Universe!



  • Danny Sharples - Star Lord
  • Adam Cinelioglu - Lead Photographer
  • Charlotte Bloomfield - Black Widow

Lilia Lemoine aka Lady Lemon Cosplay

Robocop Cosplay



This impromptu short film won a prize. It was filmed on location at London ExCeL during Lilia Lemoine's first visit to the United Kingdom for MCM London Comic Con. 



  • Lady Lemon Cosplay - Female RoboCop - Lewis
  • Kyle Mcvean - Victim
  • Alicia S - @TheQuinnOfDiamonds (Insta) - Harley Quinn with Baseball Bat
  • Gotham E. Nigma Cosplay - The Riddler