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Every project is different, every client unique, and every outcome tailored to our clients needs.  Here you can explore some of our commercial work to date. If you have a project, need something special, and you require a creative company to film your story, let's connect, and get creative together.



promotional event advertisement

Cosxpo convention 2018



CosXPo needed a short commecial to boulster ticket sales and rase awarness of this new event for 2018.  


Key Points

  • Short high-impact commercial
  • Aimed at Cosplayers and Photographers
  • Filmed on location
  • Designed to increase awareness

alex and ella's wedding

Wedding Bells


Video Description

Filmed on location in the summer Alex and Ella.


Video Includes

  • Aerial Footage
  • Tracked Titles
  • Multi Camera Angles
  • Mixed Footage 
  • Glidecam