Comment Rules


Last updated:  December 03, 2017

We want everyone to feel comfortable when posting comments on FreshCrewStudios. The following covers the FreshCrewStudios comment rules, and guidelines for posting on our Site.

We don’t know you, and can only go by the way you conduct yourself when commenting on our posts. We don't know what your ethics, or real-world views on life are. However, we know the etiquette we expect people to behave with when they visit our Site, studios, sets or casting auditions etc., and when leaving public comments on our Site or other social medias. Respect costs nothing, but has to be earned.  Respect and trust can take years to build, but only seconds to lose.

That’s why we reserve the right to not publish any comments, delete comments, and/or ban users, as needed, to keep the comment threads here civil, relevant, and substantive.

1. Our No. 1 house rule is simple: Don’t be a Jerk, Neanderthal, Clown, Creep or any other Synonyms of the word jerk.  We are looking for the kind of commentator we would love to have with us on set

2. Our No. 2 house rule is: Don't post spoilers! It doesn't matter if a film, play, book, video... has been around for decades, not everyone has uncovered what you have. Contain your enthusiasm, and let others discover for themselves the plot twists and 'jump scare' moments that you experienced. Revel in knowing what's coming, but let that excitement be something you share together once the other person has experienced the same as you.

Here’s what we like to see in the comments:

  • Join in with smart, informed ideas that contribute further to the post, or enhance the post
  • Give us useful, constructive criticism, not drivel or whining, and biased points of view
  • Spot a typo or an error? Let us know via the Contact Form and we will correct it
  • Don't make corrections in the comments. Nobody likes freelance copy editors. If you're really concerned about us making a typo, or if a statement is incorrect, or the facts are off, there's a Contact Form to enable you to inform us on these things.  We will even credit you, if appropriate to do so. Correcting typos in public makes you look like a jerk
  • Demonstrate, and share your intelligence, wisdom,  and knowledge, which we know you possess
  • Don’t feed the trolls, or get hooked-in by them. Downvote and flag comments instead.

Although we aren't omni present, and sadly can't be everywhere at once, here are some of the kinds of comments we’re going to do our best to curtail:

  • Promoting your own brand, product, or blog. So you’ve got a script that is going to change cinema experiences, or a solution that will re-define sound. Great,  send it to us via our Contact Form and we will review it.  We don't promise to respond though, so please don't get too excited
  • Impersonating authors or other commenters. We can’t believe we have to say this, but: Don’t do that. It’s unethical and frankly immature

  • Comments that make it clear you didn’t read the article will immediately be cut

  • Comments that are completely out of left field. Sometimes discussions veer off a bit, but are still related to the original subject. That is fine. Hijacking the conversation to promote off-topic commentary is not

  • Threats — no matter how vague — against the author or other commenters. Things can get heated. Before you casually mention your nemesis home address, think hard, think again, and simply don't do it

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, you get the drift. Call us the PC Police, fine, but don’t say we didn’t warn you when you get cut. And by cut, we mean banned or deleted from the Site. For clarity, do not, and never have, advocated the use of weapons for resolving issues

  • Trolling. If you’re a film nerd who thinks you know everything about film, or you're just out for a good trolling, and are not contributing meaningfully to the conversation, we’ll be escorting you off set, and banning you from the backlot

  • Don't say 'meh.' It makes you look stupid. It isn't big, and it isn't clever. You have a brain, so go ahead and use it

  • Don't come into a thread just to say how little you care. Don't get into an argument with someone where your whole premise is 'it's stupid to argue about this.' We care, and we think it's worth debating, and perhaps even arguing about

  • Be expansive! We like in-depth comments and meaningful debate. Be funny! We like wit and banter. Be saucy! We have no restrictions on sensible word use. Be crazy! We like well-argued opinions that stray far outside the mainstream

  • Stop moaning about Film Critic's, they all have an opinion, which doesn't make them right, anymore than your critique makes you right.  You should make your own, informed decisions, which might well be aided by others. Remember, we all see the world differently and have different perceptions of reality

  • One last consideration, often overlooked.  Think before you comment. Could this be a moment where artistic licence was employed? Artistic license (also known as dramatic license, historical license, poetic license, narrative license, licentia poetica, or simply license) is a colloquial term, sometimes euphemism, used to denote the distortion of fact(s), alteration of the conventions of grammar or language, or rewording of pre-existing text made by an artist to improve a piece of art, or make a narrative flow better. This is a debate in and of itself, but it is often deployed for various reasons, and should be considered before setting into a diatribe.

Be sensible, think to yourself, would I be happy for my comments to be seen by my employers, or published in the press, and could my comment result in an issue at a later date, which might result in loss of earnings. A good rule of thumb is 'Think Twice, Post Once.'

So now you have the ground rules, go join the debate, or feel free to exit the Site, stage right.