CosXPo 2019 - Giveaway Winners

Fresh Crew Studios 2019 winners announcement

CosXPo 2019 VIP Tickets - Winners Circle

VIP Ticket One: DJ Twinkle - Reading (Entry No. 157)

VIP Ticket Two: Lin - Hastings (Entry No. R12)

Note to the winners: Congratulations on being randomly selected in our #CosXPo2019 VIP Ticket Giveaway! Please contact the FreshCrewStudios team, ASAP. We need to confirm you are still attending the event and ensure we have all we require to send out tickets - Thank You.

TICKET VALIDITY: COSXPO Friday 5th and SATURDAY 6th April 2019



The rules below have been updated to reflect the fact that the entry time has passed and the giveaway for CosXPo 2019 is now closed.

  1. Entrants must have verified their email account via the MailChimp double-opt in service

  2. No payment or purchase was required to enter

  3. Entrants must be 18 or over on the day of the event

  4. Tickets are valid for entry for one person only (one ticket per winner)

  5. Tickets cover access to both days of the event Friday 5th April and Saturday 6th April, 2019

  6. Ticket also grants access to the party on Saturday, 6 April 2019

  7. The VIP tickets have no cash/monetary value and are non transferrable

  8. No subscription was required to enter

  9. Entrants details will be removed from FreshCrewStudios systems after CosXPo confirm tickets have been sent

  10. Entrants must provide their legal name (same as on ID), valid email address, and a contact number - required for CosXPo to process winning tickets

  11. You agreed to us sharing your contact details with CosXPo to process your ticket (only applies to the winners above)

  12. The closing date for entries was 18:00 GMT Friday, 01 March 2019 Any time stamped entries received after this time and date were not included in the giveaway

  13. An independent randomiser generated the winners above using no personal details

  14. Links to this post will also be posted on the FreshCrewStudios Facebook and Twitter pages

  15. Tickets will be emailed to the lucky winners above by CosXPo

  16. As winners you agree to be bound by the CosXPo terms and conditions

  17. Winners must be able ,and prepared, to travel on or before the day of the event (Friday 5 April or Saturday 6 April, 2019)

  18. Travel and accommodation is not included in the giveaway

  19. Entry was open Worldwide (there may be local laws and restrictions in your country. It is your responsibility to be bound by these)

  20. Winners have no special right of access to any areas other than those the tickets provide

  21. If the winners above are no longer able to attend the event they must inform FreshCrewStudios before tickets are dispatched by CosXPo.

Fresh Crew Studios look forward to seeing you at #CosXPo2019 and hope you have an amazing time. Do come say hello. We would love to meet you in person.