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These very cool people create amazing content that we just had to share with you. We cover a small selection of some of our favourite cosplayers, photographers and makeup artists — some of the most talented in the world.  These clever people share how they design and fabricate, which is inspiring advice for anyone wanting to transform their skills or for those newbies just starting out. 


Maid of Might Cosplay. Photo by J. Rulison Photography

Maid of might cosplay (Jessica)

Jessica (Maid of Might) is a cosplayer, comic collector and geek of all trades based in California. She is constantly creating new cosplay content that is both inspiring and beautiful to look at. No two cosplays of hers are ever the same and she is constantly finding new ways to morph herself into the characters. Her Instagram is never lacking of content and she has recently been collaborating with Super News Live to bring a new Movie Modz episode every week to her fans in which she shows her transformation into some of her best cosplays.

(Photo by J. Rulison Photography)

Eosandy (Andreas Krupa)

Eosandy (Andreas Krupa)

Andreas is a photographer from Chelmno, Poland and has lived and worked in Radevormwald, Germany since 1989. His cosplay photographer features stunning models with very intricate costumes and his use of lighting and composition to create a truly magical and fantasy photo constatly inspires us.


Madeyewlook (Alexys Fleming)

Lex is an amazingly talented self taught body painter and makeup artist who is only 24 years old! She is constantly posting new looks and characters on her YouTube channel that are always inspiring and very informative to watch. Not only does she create consistent digital content creator, she also sells her own makeup brushes, eyeliner and stickers.

Ladybug Christmas Shoot

The 86th Floor

The 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons channel works to celebrate the very best in cosplay and convention culture, across Europe and the World. They have set the standard for Cosplay Music Video production. Osh, Miranda and Agatha work hard to bring you the best in epic cosplay, so please go give them your love, you won't regret it.

Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
— Leo Burnett