Narrative film

A narrative film, fictional film or fiction film is the classification for a film that tells a fictional or fictionalised story, an event or narrative. In this type and style of film, believable narratives, characters and events shown help convince the audience that the unfolding fictional story is real.

In addition to our commercial and documentary film production, we have a strong passion for producing narrative film and video projects. Many of these projects are our own creations, written produced, and funded in-house.

At Fresh Crew Studios we can produce narrative film and video projects to align with your creative endeavours and specific needs. We have directed and produced a wide range of projects and find great pleasure working with a team of reliable, passionate and talented filmmakers, as well as upcoming actors, musicians and associated specialities within the industry, all with amazing talents that  together create the very best production values. 

Narrative Film Production is very much a collaborative effort.  The films we produce reflect our commitment to producing content to engage audiences, drive engagement and deliver on your investment and commitment to our growth.

music videos

It is widely accepted that there are two universal languages visual and music. When you combine the two you create something open to everyone and capable of creating immense pleasure.

We are driven to take an idea and turn the creative vision into a glorious cinematic experience. Fresh Crew Studios cover every musical genre and style. Our creativity knows no bounds: grunge, punk, trance, hip hop, dub step, dance, electro, rock, hard rock, country music, death metal, blues, jazz, acoustic, classical, and much more. This is not a definitive list just a small representation of some of the music were more than happy to cover. 

Fresh Crew Studios takes pride in producing unique signature music videos at affordable pricing. To discuss your music video needs please connect.  Once connected we can discuss the vision for your music, the desired outcome, and create something memorable together.


commercial and documentary

We have worked on some amazing commercial film projects to date with some awesome companies, two of which are just starting out on their business journeys. With a talented team of creatives we regularly work directly with all kinds of clients, so if you're looking for video or film production then please connect with us! We also  have great working relationships with, and collaborate, closely with other fantastic film production companies for commercials, music videos, and short films.