Moments captured on film is one of our greatest cultural treasures, it often spans many years and if it’s lost or damaged it can never be replaced.  Fresh Crew Studios 35 MM and Medium Format analogue film to digital transfer services ensures that memories, and historical images, are preserved for generations to come. A perfect record of how we used to live and of the people and places we have loved. 

From family memories to large project orders for archive collectors, Fresh Crew Studios can confidently and professionally digitise your media into current digital media format suitable for sharing online or viewing privately.

digital Image Transfer

35 MM and Medium Format film to digital transfer is the first step in taking your precious archived analogue negatives on a journey to modern data image formats. 

Prior to scanning images are checked and catalogued.  Each image is individually processed for maximum results and stored in an optimal format for your needs.

After scanning, and subject to the projects requirements, the final images are uploaded to and area for instant download.  The original negatives are sent back via registered post.

Once scanned you may elect to keep the imperfections capture, or request retouching.



There are many reasons analogue film needs retouching, from film processing issues that produce unwanted artefacts, to storage conditions and handling.  Once an image is in a digital format the data can be manipulated to remove unwanted blobs, hairs, scratches, and where possible images can be restored to represent the original.

Retouching takes time, patience and skill and is assessed on an image by image basis.  Retouching can be applied after you review the scanned and colour corrected digital versions of your files, or applied for as part of the overall project.


Colour Correction

In a digital age analogue film, once scanned, can be transformed and images that on photo paper, which did not look as expected can - with some limitations - be brought back to life.  

Often the images you received back from the lab may have fallen short of expectations.  There are many reasons for this  and often this means images are put in a draw and forgotten. 

We will optimise the image for best results, whether colour or black and white, as seen in the sample above, a small change can make a big difference.


All negatives received will be returned to you via tracked post (where available) and in sturdy envelopes.  Your original images will be returned in the same condition received, as our processes are non destructive.  Images will not be returned until after your project is completed.