Image Editing Overview

From film editing, to photographic editing at FreshCrewStudios, we can help.  Below is an example of one of FreshCrewStudios photos taken in Manchester, and edited using Adobe Photoshop CC.  The image of Sophie as female Gaston is shown from the first initial image, which was taken outside of Manchester Central through to the final edited version, where she is transformed into a wonderful forest setting.

Pre-Edit Image

Original un-edited image taken at Manchester Central.

Mid-Edit Image

Image as it progresses through the editing suite.

FreshCrewStudios - Kyokyo Cosplay - Manchester - 2016 - Gaston Autumn copy.jpg

Final Edited Image

The final version of the image, with all layers completed.


Image editing can be extensive, as in the example above, or very subtle, as in the image to the right.  The key is not to go overboard, and to ensure the final result is plausible, and not contrived. Image editing includes colouring and in some cases the addition, or removal of elements, to enhance the final outcome.

Image processing when undertaken properly delivers stunning results, which can turn a dull image into something spectacular.  

Images should be sent as RAW files, although we will consider other file formats to work with. Note: The range and scope for editing is limited with anything other than RAW files.

Connect with us to discuss your specific needs and pricing. All you need to do is send us the images and we will do the rest! 

Wedding image captured in RAW format and processed for natural look.

Wedding image captured in RAW format and processed for natural look.