The following is a list of our current services available from Fresh Crew Studios.  Additional information and pricing can be provided upon request.  We are a film studio dedicated to making commercial film and video projects. However, we can also help where you have your footage you'd like to turn into an epic production. Contact us for more information.

If you have something else you would like to discuss that is not currently covered please use our Contact Form to connect and let us know your specific project needs. 



Film and Video Production

If you require a film, or video, with a narrative for training and awareness, to promote your business, brand, or wish to promote an event, or make a music video, or you have a script you wish to bring to life connect with us today. We are confident Fresh Crew Studios film and video production crew can assist. 

Creating high quality cinematic style narratives with a team of creatives and a quality driven approach for outstanding results is what we are passionate about. Customers who need projects created with the utmost professionalism using the latest techniques and equipment is where Fresh Crew Studios is the right choice for you.

Post Production Editing

At Fresh Crew Studios our editors work closely with our clients, directors and producers to ensure the format, narrative, pace, aesthetic and mood of the film aligns with the original brief.  We have our own in-house editing facilities mean we can deliver film in any format or resolution and work within often tight deadlines.

Post Production Editing

Post Production Editing

. @ MCMComicCon   get creative at  # mcmLDN17  . Latest Sunday real-time image - FP155330_2017 05 28 mcmLDN17  Shout out to all of the MCM Comic Con team. They make the London event safe, and ensure it all comes together for everyone to enjoy - Thank You.

.@MCMComicCon get creative at #mcmLDN17. Latest Sunday real-time image - FP155330_2017 05 28 mcmLDN17

Shout out to all of the MCM Comic Con team. They make the London event safe, and ensure it all comes together for everyone to enjoy - Thank You.


FreshPass takes any event to a whole new level of sharing in real-time. 

If you want to maximise the reach of your event, expo, convention or evening your wedding FreshPass is what you've been looking for.

FreshCrewStudios launched FreshPass in March 2017 and we were delighted to see the event and our name trending on twitter through shares of images and tweets posted by the FreshPass server.

In the image seen here FreshPass has colour graded, and the inserted the event logo.  It was then sent to Twitter for posting, along with Facebook and other channels connected on the day of the event. Click on the image to see the actual tweet sent.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography covers so many different elements of photography. From hotel decor to photographing a range of new products. Learn a little about what we photograph and see if we’re suitable to fit in to your project.

Commercial images that earn their keep! Many photographs continue to be used or re-sued years after the initial shoot, making them very cost effective. They can be used for websites, advertising and most forms of digital marketing, for companies of all sizes, and individual consultants or freelancers too.

Commercial Photographers

Commercial Photographers

Spencer J. Sinclair - Kodak Portra 400

Spencer J. Sinclair - Kodak Portra 400

Film to Digital Transfer

Don't lose your precious analogue film memories, bring them from the past into the digital age where they can be shared on your favourite social media channels, acting as a portal from the past and a bridge to be cherished well into the future by everyone.

Once scanned images can be colour corrected and retouched, to give them a whole new life.  Retouching and colour correcting often brings to life images that appeared dull on photo-paper due to poor processing at the lab.  Skilled post-scan image enhancement brings dull coloured lifeless representations back to life, to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, as originally intended.