Current Talent Requirements

>> Lingerie and Swimwear Models <<

>> Fashion Models <<


This page is solely for Talent submission for studio productions and client projects.  We have a separate page for Crew requirements and submissions.

Please note at the top of the page the current talent, expertise and skills we are looking for. For clarity, these are shown between <<   >> markers.

The requirement could be a Time For Prints (TFP) modelling project to expand our website portfolio, paid work for a client, or one of our latest productions, which we are funding. 

We are an equal opportunities studio.  Anyone eighteen (18) and above can apply. If you are under eighteen you will need parental consent and a chaperone to work with us.  In these instances, please use the Contact Form on the link at the bottom of this page to connect.

The application form is intended to find out a little about you.  At this stage we would like to see your publicly accessible work, such as Facebook or Instagram pages or  your own website. We don't need, or want, any personal details or information aside from the details to connect.  Detailed information will only ever be requested if a client has specific requirements we need to address for their project. This will always be discussed with you ahead of any information being divulged, and subject to contracts.


This page will only be active and accessible when we need Talent.  If you have already submitted your information you do not need to re-submit, unless you have requested we remove you from our talent records.